Calendaring and Messaging

The FreightDATA Electronic Mail module offers the opportunity to eliminate "phone tag" by using the Message Center for leaving messages for users anywhere in the system, whether they are logged on or not. The module also includes a calendaring system as well as an on-line "to do" list, text editor and mailing label print programs.

The Message Center allows you to send messages within the office, from desk to desk, any place there is a video terminal, even while videos are being used for other tasks. A few keystrokes sends messages to one person, multiple persons, entire departments, or everyone with a video. Try that with any other communication method. Messages can immediately be displayed or printed. Each message can be automatically recorded for later retrieval, or erased. No message goes unanswered.

The Mailing Label program allows for printing multiple labels for one address (for a customer you mail items to often and don't want to produce a mailing label every time) and a label print program from the employee, vendor or customer files for customized mailings.

The Text Editor is used for generating, maintaining, merging and printing documents used within the Electronic Mail System, up to 5 pages in length. It is not a full word processing system, but does have many features of standard word processing programs. It allows you to send documents to one person or multiple persons. Request a reply and the receiver will be constantly reminded until he replies.

The Calendar/Scheduling allows one to set up appointments and print a calendar docket, as well as a daily "To Do" list. Your calendar can be accessed by others to set appointments for you, or simply to verify your schedule for any given day or time.

Send Messages to any Operator or Group

Messages Sent Now (or schedule to send at a later date/time)

Send Documents to any Operator or Group

Word Processing capabilities

"Help" Screen with Instructions

Mailing Labels

Mail Merge

Hard Copy of Messages at request

Hard Copy of Documents from Text Editor

Hard Copy of "Help" Text

Calendar Docket with Appointments & "To Do" list