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EDI Software

At FreightDATA Software, we know that efficient communication is essential to the success of your transportation and logistics operations. That’s why we offer powerful EDI capabilities that can help you streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve communication with your partners and suppliers.

With our EDI solution, you can easily exchange business documents with your partners and suppliers, without the need for manual data entry. Our system is designed to support a wide range of document types, including load tenders, invoices, shipping statuses, and more. By using EDI to automate your business communication, you can reduce errors, minimize delays, and improve overall efficiency.

In addition, our EDI solution is fully integrated with our TMS platform, providing a seamless end-to-end solution for managing your transportation operations.

There are different types of EDI messages, also known as transaction sets, that are used in business communication. The most common types of EDI messages include:

  1. 204 – Motor Carrier Load Tender: This transaction set is used to tender a shipment to a motor carrier or transportation provider. It includes details such as the shipping origin and destination, shipment date, weight and quantity of goods, and any special handling instructions.
  2. 210 – Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice: This transaction set is used by a transportation provider to provide details and invoice information for freight shipments. It includes details such as the date of shipment, weight, bill of lading number, and charges for the shipment.
  3. 211 – Motor Carrier Bill of Lading. This transaction set can be used to allow shippers or other parties, responsible for contracting with a motor carrier, to provide a legal bill of lading for a shipment. It is not to be used to provide a motor carrier with data relative to a load tender, pickup manifest, or appointment scheduling.
  4. 214 – Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message: This transaction set is used to provide the status of a shipment to the sender of the shipment. It includes details such as the current location of the shipment, expected delivery date and time, and any delays or issues that may be impacting the delivery.

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