Document imaging

Document Imaging

FreightDATA Software has partnered with Soft Dimensions for its integrated imaging solutions. Our new Document Imaging feature allows customers to easily scan and store various types of documents, including freight bills, proof of delivery (POD), and more.

The imaging solution is built on an SQL-based system, offering flexibility for deployment either centrally or remotely, depending on your specific environment requirements. Once scanned, the documents can be accessed by authorized users on any computer using their unique ID and password.

We have seamlessly integrated the scanned documents with our FreightDATA Web Tracing system. This integration enables shippers, consignees, and other relevant parties to conveniently view the documents online, eliminating the need to contact your customer service team for document retrieval.

In addition to document imaging, FreightDATA has collaborated with Soft Dimensions to integrate our billing system. This integration enables rendition billing, ensuring that your bills are generated automatically and accompanied by the associated backup documentation. The bills can then be conveniently sent to customers via email or printed copies.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of FreightDATA Software’s new Document Imaging feature and streamline your document management process.

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