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Intermodal Dispatch Software

The FreightDATA Intermodal Dispatch software package is an integrated, full featured enterprise software solution to meet the needs of rail and harbor transportation companies. The Intermodal application includes Dispatch, Rating, Billing, A/R, A/P, G/L, Owner/Operator Payables, Management and Financial Reporting, Tracking and Tracing, Driver Management and Pay, Credit and Collections, Equipment Maintenance, SalesandCommissions, Statistics and History. Extended solutions may include Payroll, EDI, Imaging and Web Tracing.

The System is designed to allow the transportation company flexibility and control in all the areas of concern in the movement of freight in and out of the terminals and yards. Automated rating in a multi-user environment allows you to create and maintain personalized customer rating for all phases of intermodal movements.

Entering information into the computer at the moment of notification allows the system to automatically trace/track the movement of your container from beginning to end of the move. This data is kept in memory for easy reference at a later date, providing easy access to everyone on the system. Constant updating of information as the container moves through dispatch ensures proper billing of per diem charges and any accessorial services. The system automatically calculates and logs all per diem and detention charges. The system offers options to print or create PDF files for emailing accessorial authorization letters against applicable loads. When using a paper system this information easily gets lost in the shuffle.

Each rail and ship line's individual interchange agreements can be set up in the system (e.g. free days, pools, etc.). At the end of each business day the freight activity is posted to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable,and various statistical files. All information about any freight bill is available on any screen on the system. Payments for Owner-Operators can be automatically calculated when the driver information is entered and adjustments may be made up until the check is issued.
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Personalized Customer Container Rate Tables
• Zone to City
• By Location

Driver Pay Calculation

Accessorial Fees

Multiple Surcharges Possible

Land Bridge Module(Optional)

LTL Rating(Optional)

On-Line rate inquiries can be made by anyone, not just rate clerks.

All freight bills are accessible in the system by a variety of search criteria:
• Freight Bill Number
• Shipper's Number
• Consignee's P.O.
• Booking Number
• Equipment Number
• Shipper, Consignee, Debtor Code/Name

Date and Time Tracking

Avaliability Screen
Web Tracing(Optional)

Daily Activity and Revenue Reports

Customer Statistics:
• By Shipper
• By Consignee
• By Debtor
• By Broker

Container Billing Recap

Open Loads Report

Loads Ready to Bill

Scheduled Delivery/Pick up Report

Equipment Status Report
• Last Free Day
• Date Returned
• Estimated Detention

Driver Pay Analysis

Customer Activity Report

Financial Recap