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FreightDATA Software and eModal develop On-Line Interface

FreightDATA Software, Inc., a leading transportation management software provider, today announced it has successfully interfaced it’s Harbor Drayage/Intermodal application with eModal, North America’s Port Community System, providing inbound container availability information from 46 maritime terminals. By developing this interface, FreightDATA customers will have an automatic update from the eModal system directly into the FreightDATA system. "Both FreightDATA and eModal customers can significantly reduce the number of hours spent by their employees manually tracing containers in and out of the harbor", said Gunnar Gose, Sales & Marketing Manager, Western Region with eModal.

The FreightDATA/eModal On-line Interface traces the customers containers so trucking companies can schedule equipment and drivers and set appointments to pickup containers at the terminal facilities. The FreightDATA system submits a request to the eModal system regarding the status of their containers. The eModal system replies with, among other available information:

Availability, Customs and Freight Status Information
Last Free-Day
"FreightDATA Software is committed to providing best-of-breed solutions. Our partnership with eModal is just one more example of that commitment to our current and future customers", says Todd Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing at FreightDATA.

Established in 1984 to answer a widespread need for quality software in the freight industry, FreightDATA Software provides a comprehensive suite of integrated applications which include full featured Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Manifesting, A/R, A/P, G/L, Driver Management & Pay, Credit & Collections, Financial Reporting, Statistics, Claims, Interlines, Equipment Maintenance, Tracking & Tracing and more for carriers (LTL, TL and Intermodal), Warehouses, Forwarders and Brokers. Extended solutions include Web Site Design & Consulting, Web Tracing, Imaging, EDI, Fax and Mobile Communications. For more information call (949) 252-8373 or visit our web site at

The eModal Web site at provides a single-source portal for container and booking number status information in the harbor. More than 4,000 companies in the transportation industry rely on eModal to provide various services and applications, including an automated electronic Delivery Order system; a security verification system at terminal gates; the eModal Scheduler, an appointment system in the Port; as well as many other applications for use both at the Ports and inland. Founded in 1999, eModal’s Port Community System is used at 16 Port complexes in the United States, Central America and Europe.

"No other software company has ever been willing to work with us as closely as FreightDATA. As a matter of fact, they provide assistance on technologies that aren't even theirs. We are very satisfied."

Greg Albert