Sales and Commission

The FreightDATA Sales and Commission module offers complete tracking of salespersons, their commission, and their accounts. Your salespeople have access to their customer's status and information while you control their commission and accounts.

Your salespeople's commissions are set individually for each account and calculated based on percentage or hundredweight (CWT), with an allowance for a drop in commission if the customer is slow to pay. Commission may be paid before or after the cash has been received for the freight movement, and caps can be placed on the number of freight bills commissionable for an account.

Flexibility in control allows you to change a salesperson's commission percentage or change the salesperson on a particular freight bill. Accounts may be transferred to a new salesperson, which is helpful when a salesperson leaves the company and his/her accounts need to be re-distributed.

Your salespeople will have access to extensive data regarding their customers, from profiles to inquiries on individual freight bills or rate quotes. Open A/R balances, average time to pay, history information, and activity for a period are some of the types of data which your salespeople may explore.

Extensive reporting is provided in this module. Commission statements are printed and verified before payment is made. Charge backs on commissions are accomplished through A/R when adjusting freight bill amounts owed by customers. Listings of commissionable customers or their open A/R aging may be generated in salesperson order. Management is provided an analysis report of each salesperson's activity.

Commission by CWT or Percentage

Allow Cap on Number of Bills to Pay Commission

Allow Drop in Commission Due to Slow Paying Customers

Transfer Customers to New Salesperson

Pay Commission Before or After Cash Received

Customer Information:
• Profile
• A/R Balance & History
• Activity by Date Range
• Rate Inquiry

Commissionable Accounts List

Commission Statements

Sales Analysis By Salesperson

A/R Aging By Salesperson

Customers Without Salesperson List