The FreightDATA Payroll System is used for keeping track of employee information, issuing paychecks, tracking all earnings and withholding amounts, and the ability to automatically track multiple deductions such as employee loans, tax liens, child support, etc. The system also provides the ability to produce employee lists of various kinds. Pay cycles can be defined separately for hourly, salaried and commissioned employees.

The Employee Master File includes information such as: name, address, telephone number, birth date, hire date, termination date, social security number, driver's license number and expiration date, DOT Physical date, personnel department and worker's compensation codes, marital status, pay cycle (hourly, salaried or commission), number of exemptions, life insurance flag, voluntary deductions, extra tax withholding fields, pay rate or salary and the taxing state.

Department Master File allows for tracking labor expense by department within the general ledger and keeps track of SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, FUTA, SDI and SUI by month to date and quarter to date. The Worker's Compensation file allows you to set up the various workers compensation categories and applicable percentage rates.

Other files include: Year to Date Earnings, which tracks hours and earnings of individual employees; and the Vacation/Sick Hours Status file, which is used to enter the accrual rates for vacation and sick time and to keep track of the hours used and those still available.

The automatic deduction feature covers deductions from either gross or net pay, by percentage or dollar amount, as well as straight declining deductions, eg. an employee loan for $1,000 paid back at $50.00 per paycheck. The system automatically informs you when it is paid back. Additionally, the system also covers 401-K deductions.

The payroll system comes with an extra level of security and can only be accessed with a special password.

Extensive Employee Master File

401-K Plan

Month/Quarter/Year to Date Earnings/Tax

Vacation/Sick Hours Accrual

Automatic Tracking on Deductions

Payroll Register

Labor Distribution

Payroll Check Register

Employee Earnings by Quarter

Year to Date Earnings Register

Employee Earnings Ledger

Worker's Compensation Report

Departmental Tax Limits Report

DE 3DP Quarterly Summary

401-K Status Report

California DE-3B forms

Annual W-2's