Management Reports

The FreightDATA Terminal Statistics module is a comprehensive, "right-now" display of driver, vehicle, route, and terminal performance which gives you the information essential to superior profit-generating management decisions.

The FreightDATA Customer History module tracks customer fluctuations in pieces, revenue, weight, number of bills, and average days to pay. Potential collection concerns are thus easily spotted and can be handled before becoming a problem. To see a list of sample reports, Click here.


You can immediately recall old freight bills on your video. Archived bills include amendments and notations such as detention charges, short shipments, collection notes, etc. How many years' bills you store in the computer depends on the disk space you allocate to this file.

365 days of freight movement can be displayed including: daily number of bills, number of pieces, weight, and revenue. The cumulative days results are averaged and displayed.

Two reports compare the individual freight and revenue production: (1) by driver, and (2) by vehicle.

Keep on top of performance. Make instant screen inquiries of all freight movements, sorted by freight terminal and route. The displayed analysis includes: pieces, weight, and revenue, from and to terminal, broken down by day, month-to-date, month total, year-to-date, and yearly totals.

Review the percentage contribution of each freight terminal and route by month or year-to-date.

When shippers request a list of scheduled delivery dates vs. actual delivery dates, you can immediately send a report. Appointments are flagged to avoid tardy shipments. This silent auditor saves you time and eliminates controversy.


While talking to salesmen or customers, you can display customer's month-by-month history of number of bills, pieces, weight, and revenue on the video screen.

See all of a customer's open bills, aged, showing average days to pay. During conversation you can display a detailed history of any unpaid or paid bills.

You can select specific accounts for perpetual tracking of freight volume. Any significant fluctuation will trigger a management warning.

Print all shipments for specified shippers, sorted by consignee, within a chosen period. Show times for pickup, appointment, delivery, and transit (excluding weekends and company holidays), then a Shipment Delivery Analysis totals deliveries the same day, one-, two-, three-, four-days, or over.

The Freight Bill Inquiry program allows you to inquire on any bill in the system, whether it is in the freight bill entry, accounts receivable of historical file. You have many options as to how to access a freight bill, including; freight bill number, shipper's number, customer P.O. number or bill of lading numbers, as well as by date.

The inquiry program will display all information about the bill, including (but not limited to); freight bill number, date, shipper, consignee, debtor, shipper's number, P.O. number and bill of lading numbers, pieces, commodity, weight, LTL class, charges, appointment and delivery dates, manifest date, payment information and any text that has been added to the file.

Some of the reporting capabilities include a ranking report which will list your customers in order by shipper or debtor with the percentage changes in revenue during the previous month. The shipper activity summary report lists each shippers activity and average revenue for the period as well as a daily activity summary showing number of shipments, pieces, weight, and average revenue figures.

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