Equipment Maintenance

The FreightDATA Equipment Maintenance module allows you to maintain a database of your pieces of equipment (trucks, trailers, fork lifts, etc.), track maintenance costs by ten different categories (which you define), track fuel, oil and mileage by trip and prepare various reports from this information. The system allows you to enter any and all state fuel and mileage tax rates using the State Fuel Tax Rates master file for calculation of the Fuel & Mileage Tax Summary.

Equipment Master File - This function is used to enter and keep track of the individual pieces of equipment used by the trucking company. Each piece of equipment is stored as one record and contains the equipment number/license, make, model, type, description, year of manufacture, date of purchase, serial number, license number, and weight.

Other equipment information - This record also includes: odometer reading, service due mileage, miles driven this year, total miles, equipment status, which terminal it operates out of, date the license should be renewed by, year to date maintenance costs, and the year to date average miles per gallon.

Selected Equipment Type List - Allows you to compile a list of equipment (sorted by type of equipment) for one type, multiple types, or all types.

Vehicle Status Report - Prints a report listing certain information needed to keep a watch on the operation of a vehicle containing the equipment number, description, license number; and usage - current odometer, service due mileage, year to date miles, this year's average miles per gallon, and year to date maintenance expenses.

Fuel Purchases Journal - This journal is created from the data in the Fuel Purchases Entry file and displays the vehicle number and description, driver number and starting odometer number. It will list the trip number, whether it was loaded or not, odometer reading for the entry, date of purchase, state, gallons purchased, fuel cost, quarts of oil and invoice number. Totals are tallied for gallons purchased, fuel cost and quarts of oil for each vehicle as well as the total miles driven and average miles per gallon.

Equipment Master File

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Maintenance Invoices

Maintenance History Inquiry

Selected Equipment Type List

Vehicle Status Report

Fuel Purchases Report

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Fuel & Mileage Tax Summary

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