Interline Payables

The FreightDATA Interline Payables system can be used as a self-contained payables system or can be interfaced to the Accounts Payables System to maintain check writing control and produce 1099 forms. Wrong interline payments cash leaks are eliminated. PUC taxes can be withheld automatically as well as worker's compensation and cargo insurance. Other deductions can be subtracted on a demand basis -- for example, uniforms, trailer rental, etc.

Create a carrier file that contains name, address, interface data to A/P & A/R files, revenue splits, and required accumulation for the year and quarter for producing government reports.

Intrastate PUC, PUC exempt, cargo insurance and other definable deductions may be defined to be taken out of selected sub-haul carriers automatically. This could be worker's compensation, or other similar deductions. In addition, any number of specific deductions such as uniform or trailer rental may be deducted on an as needed basis. Miscellaneous deductions as well as adjustments up and down may be entered in Interline Payment Entry.

Interline payables can be automatically posted from dispatch, freight billing, manifesting, or entered directly if your company requires outside carriers to bill you, or all of the above methods may be used interchangeably.

Interline Payments is integrated to the G/L and, optionally, the A/P system for generation of checks. All payments to outside carriers are logged to the F/B history file. This information is displayed when an inquiry is made to any freight bill that was moved by an outside carrier.

If you withhold PUC Taxes, the required quarterly report is produced automatically.

Carrier Information on Disk:
• Automatic Withholds
• Automatic Deductions Defined
• Automatic Interfaces

Interline Payment Entry
• Multiple Splits
• Interlines Matched to Freight Bills

Automatic Bookkeeping
• Original Freight Bill Log

Government Reporting

Multi Corporate

Sub Haul Settlement Statement

Interline Settlement Journal

Interline Payment Register

Sub Haul Expiration Dates List

Driver History