Intermodal Dispatch

The FreightDATA Intermodal Dispatch module provides your dispatchers with the flexibility they need in taking pick-up orders from customers and assigning them to drivers. Your dispatchers will have all the information they need on-line on easy to view screens.

Pick-up requests are entered as they come into dispatch . The dispatcher enters the shipment information into the system and fills in the blanks on the screen, which include Broker, Origin, Destination, Container #, Reference/Bill of Lading #'s, Pieces and Weight.

The dispatch display offers several options for viewing the pickup orders. Pickups can be viewed by Open, Open/Complete, Spotted, Last Free Day, Detention Pending, Pick Up Appointments, Delivery Appointments or All.

Pickup/Delivery Requests


Availability Information

Rail Tracing Information

Update Driver Status

Display and Update Pickups/Deliveries

Equipment Status

Unreturned Container

Container Status

Loads Ready to Bill

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduled Pick Up