The dispatch module provides your dispatchers and customer service representatives with the flexibility they need in taking orders from customers and assigning them to drivers. Your dispatchers will have all the information they need on-line on easy to view screens. Customers may select from two (2) types of Dispatch Solutions.

The first is the Pick-Up Dispatch module.This program meets the needs of the dynamic dispatch environment where dispatchers are only able to obtain limited information from callers.Pickup requests are entered as they come into dispatch. The dispatcher enters the shipper code into the system and fills in the blanks on the screen, which include pickup date and time, close time, who called, pieces, weight and destination.

Your customer's daily pickups are set up in a special file which is loaded into the dispatch que each day. The file lists any special instructions the customer might have, dispatch contact, when the normal ready time is, route information, and who normally makes the pickup.

The dispatch display offers several options for viewing the pickup orders. Pickups can be viewed by driver, with the unassigned pickups appearing first, as well as by shipper, destination, route and pickup date.

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Erin Sipprelle
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Jack Jones Trucking

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The second dispatch option is the Electronic Dispatch module.This module captures a great deal more of the information that will allow a dispatcher to take a complete order, build a load, generate a quote, regenerate proforma loads, auto rating, track and trace loads, assign drivers and equipment and provides a real-time interface with billing.In addition, the display will change shades to highlight upcoming events to allow your dispatchers to see possible trouble areas at a glance. You define when the shading takes place to highlight when the ready time has been reached, when the closed time is approaching, and when a pickup is late.The module can also interface with the FreightDATA Web Tracing system

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