Claims Management

The FreightDATA Claims Management module is an integrated part of the FreightDATA transportation system. Claims Management allows you to manage and control your claims, OS&D, and on-hand freight problems. You can check the status of a claim, any OS&D or other exceptions to any freight movement in the system. A claims register can be printed by claim number, status (pending, denied, approved for payment, paid or transmitted), or alphabetically by claimant.

All necessary information about a claim is entered and stored on the disk for further review or update as additional information becomes available. An acknowledgment letter is automatically printed for immediate confirmation of receipt of the claim. The pertinent claim information is posted to the original freight bill history record thereby allowing all users of the system to be immediately aware of the claim.

All information about a freight bill which has a claim made against it is accessible with a single keystroke, either on the screen or a printed hard copy.

When an exception is noted against a shipment, e.g.: an overage, shortage, damage or any specific problem noted by the driver, it is entered via the proof of delivery confirmation (refer to the Freight Billing section). The exception is automatically logged in the OS&D exception file.

As further events affecting the freight bill arise, they may be entered directly to this file. E.g.: If a carton is left on the dock when the truck is loaded, the driver will note a shortage of a case when it is delivered. The next day the case is found and a Fill Bill is produced by the system. When the fill bill is printed, an additional line is added to the OS&D file documenting the fact that the carton was found and delivered.

If, at any time in the future, a claim is submitted for the shortage, the claim system first looks in the OS&D file, finds a shortage of one carton, a fill bill with one carton delivered, and logs this information on the claims screen. The claims operator can then immediately send a letter disallowing the claim without further research. Up to twelve different claims disposition letters are generated automatically by the system, including claims acknowledgment, various letters to disallow the claim by cause, e.g.: clear D/R, claim not made in due time, etc., as well as an internal letter to accounts payable requesting payment of the claim. Each letter requested becomes a part of the permanent claim record. You may modify these letters at any time to suit your company's needs.

As events occur impacting a claim (such as, but not limited to, a fill bill completing the shipment, location of a clear delivery receipt, telephone conversations with the claimant, etc.), they may be automatically or manually logged into the claim record file. All of this information is available on the screen so that anyone with access to the claims system can be immediately informed of the present status as well as all events impacting the claim. Each event is date and time stamped as well as identified as to who made the entry.

A report listing all claims in the system sorted alphabetically by claimant, by claim number, or status of the claim can be generated.

To avoid future claims, it is sometimes necessary to prompt customers about freight that was not delivered, for whatever reason, and is still in your possession. You may request an On Hand notice at any time, composed to suit your mode of business.

Whenever an On-Hand notice is printed, a record is entered into the freight bill history file as a permanent record of your attempt to resolve the problem.

A complete hard copy of all OS&D activity in the system may be requested as needed for any time frame.

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