Billing and Rating

The FreightDATA Billing system follows the logical flow of a billing clerk. The entry screens resemble a hand-written Bill of Lading to facilitate training and comprehension. The system is fully integrated to FreightDATA accounting modules. At the end of each business day the billing package posts the freight bills to the accounts receivable system, and the A/R in turn feeds credit information back to the Billing system.

The FreightDATA Rating modules are the heart of the transportation information system. The carrier is able to configure a rate deal to accommodate whatever pricing relationship is required to get the customer's business.


Shippers, consignees, and third party bill-to's are entered as permanent records in the system, allowing the biller to enter a seven character code to retrieve the information. The biller then chooses Prepaid or Collect billing, and if an alternate billing address is attached to the customer, it displays automatically, and charges are billed accordingly.

Commodities are also entered as permanent records. The biller enters a two character code and the system displays the commodity's class and description. After entering pieces and weight, freight charges are computed automatically.

Rate tables are attached to customers through Deal Codes, allowing personalized and special rate tables to be built. Your tariffs can be based on a variety of criteria, including classes, FAK, mileage, zip codes, flat amounts, and ICC rate zones.

Special Instructions and messages can be entered to appear on the screen as a message to the biller or automatically print on delivery receipts and freight bills. These messages can be attached to the customer or entered through codes during the billing process.

Customer Service Representatives are able to access the Freight Bill Inquiry Tool to quickly search for a freight bill by Pro #, Reference #, Customer Name, Shipper Name, Debtor Name, Date Range, Pieces, Weight and other related queries. Once the appropriate freight bill is located, CSR's can easily access all of the details associated with this bill.


Anyone can quote rates by simply entering the shipper code, a two-letter commodity code, weight and destination. The mileage and freight charges instantly display. Quotes can be printed or saved with a quote number and later recalled.

Intrastate and Interstate Tariffs are accommodated. Negotiated commodity rating is accommodated for customers with contracts for Truckload, Container, FAK Flat Mileage Only rates, etc. The shipments will be rated as agreed. The system knows and displays the shipper's address, customer's tariff agreements, third party debtor and special instructions. The biller doesn't have to wait for the bill to rate - it's done as soon as the bill is accepted into the system. Rating is all automatic - you don't "DO" anything.

When you enter the non-customer or regular customer information, FreightDATA rates and prints the delivery receipt (D/R). All accessorial charges, surcharges, COD's, minimums, etc. are automatically included.

When loading, you find excessive lineal feet, what then? Simply enter the vehicle number and lineal footage. If the lineal basis earns more , then FreightDATA re-rates the bill, overriding the class/weight rating. If the bill is collect, a new Delivery Receipt will print.

You can enter excess arrival and departure times. Billable time will calculate and print on a consignee detention bill referencing the original bill's tariff and all appropriate charges.

When a delivery is short, you get a comprehensive shipping document , cross referenced to the original freight bill, to complete the shipment. This detailed "no-charge A Bill" document will cut down erroneous customer claims of non-delivery.

Included in the rating module is California's Destination Table 8Z , which is required by the state of California to determine Zip-to-Zip rating mileages.

Freight Rating
Freight Billing
California PUC Intrastate & Interstate ICC:
• Class or FAK Rates
• Zip to Zip
- California DT8Z
- Rocky Mountain
• Mileage-Based Rates
• Zone Rates
• Commodity-Based Rates

Negotiated Rate Structures

Multiple Surcharges:
• Fuel
• Insurance
• Hazardous
• Create Your Own

Comprehensive Discounts:
• by Customer
• by Destination
• Make up your own

Fuel Utilization Rates

Automatic D-83 Revenue Splits

On-Line rate inquiries can be made by anyone, not just rate clerks.

Shipper & Consignee information stored on disk

Automated Third Party Bill-To

Special instructions print automatically on D/R's and F/B's

Additional text and charges may be added manually

Hazardous Materials text on disk

Automatic or Manual Rating

Review another bill while in entry program

Change or Edit existing bills:
• Shipper
• Consignee
• Date
• Rating Mode
• Revenue (ICC/PUC)

Delivery Receipts printed automaticlly

Month to Date Activity by:
• Company Terminal
• Inound Shipment
• Outbound Shipment
• Pounds
• Dollars

Activity by:
• Shipper
• Consignee
• Debtor
• Broker

Agings for any time period

F/B revenue register listing all F/B's sorted by debtor

Freight Bills and Invoices

Reprint selective freight bills, invoices and delivery receipts

Bills in suspension

Pending orders

List of D/R's printed