Accounts Payables

The FreightDATA Accounts Payable system is a complete package designed to give you all the necessary tools to manage and control your expenses. All information is available via on-line access and reports organized by vendor. Purchase history is available by vendor or check for any time period, limited only by disk capacity.

Up to 10 bank accounts and 5 Accounts Payable Liability accounts may be controlled simultaneously.

The vendor file maintains all standard data regarding your vendors, such as address, telephone number, contact, standard G/L distribution, and purchase information.

The invoice entry function allows entry of due date, invoice date as well as the date received. You may select up to 999 G/L distributions per invoice, enter discount information and notes about what the purchase was for.

Fixed recurring payables may be entered once and called up monthly automatically.

Payment selection may be by invoice, vendor, due date, partial or full payments with single key strokes.

Automatic computer generated checks, pre-issued hand checks, as well as on line single check printing are all maintained by the system.

Voids created by test pattern alignment are automatically stored for check control

All open and paid invoices are available for inquiry on the video by vendor. You may view paid invoices sorted by invoice or check number. You have the option of selecting the G/L distribution and description of purchase for open invoices.

A complete bank statement entry, including opening and closing balances, cleared checks, and deposits will produce a bank reconciliation report for each cash account. The report interfaces with the general ledger to give you a book versus actual comparison. Any bank charges entered will post automatically to the G/L.

1099 forms are printed based upon checks written to those vendors flagged as requiring a 1099. A pre-audit report is available to verify data on request.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Check and 1099 Processing

Vendor Information

Invoice Entry

Recurring Invoices

Payment Selection

On-Line Inquiry

Purchase Journal - all purchases entered for the batch

A/P Aging - Aging periods are selected by user. Aging may be done by invoice date or date received.

Payment Selection Register - gives the opportunity to view selections and cancel payments when cash is tight.

Periodic Check Register - lists all checks written from any bank account for a selected date range.