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FreightDATA Software has developed a partnership with Soft Dimensions and Paperwise for its integrated imaging solutions. Customers can scan freight bills, POD’s and any other type of document into the imaging system. The imaging solution is an SQL based system that can be deployed centrally or remotely, whichever is best suited for your environment. Scanned documents can be accessed by any user/PC with an authorized ID and password.

Scanned documents can be integrated with the FreightDATA Web Tracing system, to allow shippers, consignees, etc to view documents online, without having to contact your customer service team. FreightDATA has also integrated its billing system with Soft Dimensions to allow for rendition billing, in which your bills are generated automatically along with associated backup and are sent to the customer via either email or printed.


"No other software company has ever been willing to work with us as closely as FreightDATA. As a matter of fact, they provide assistance on technologies that aren't even theirs. We are very satisfied."

Greg Albert
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