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The FreightDATA EDI Software package (Electronic Data Interchange) allows your company to electronically transmit and receive freight billing and status information from your clients who request this capability. We have intensive Knowledge in setting up EDI Systems for our Customers. Click here to see a list of some of our successful implementations.

EDI is the electronic transmission of business "documents" or data, between companies using a standard format. FreightDATA Software uses the ASC X-12 standard as adopted by the transportation industry. This ensures compatibility in the transmitted data and makes it easier to add new clients as the industry gradually converts from a paper to a paper-less environment.

Data is sent in Transaction Sets, as defined by the standard, and once received, is incorporated into the System. Outbound data is parsed from the system files into the appropriate data set and transmitted at the scheduled time. The advantage is sending and/or receiving data in a format the machine can process which requires a minimum of human intervention.

Transaction Set 204 is used in lieu of a paper bill of lading. This Set may also be used as a Load Tender (offer of freight).

Transaction Set 210 provides an itemized detail of freight charges and is used as the freight bill you send to your customer.

Transaction Set 214 is used to report the status of a shipment as it is moved by your company and can also provide performance data. Keeping your customer updated with his shipment status will free those people usually kept busy with this type of customer support activity.

Transaction Set 211 is used as a pick-up request for specific loads.

Transaction Set 212 is a complete manifest of shipments for a specific carrier.

Transaction Set 990 is a response to a Load Tender (204) that confirms or declines acceptance of the load.

Transaction Set 997 is sent in response to the receipt of any data set received and provides proof that the Set meets with proper syntax requirements and that it was received by the trading partner (your client or yourself).

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"No other software company has ever been willing to work with us as closely as FreightDATA. As a matter of fact, they provide assistance on technologies that aren't even theirs. We are very satisfied."

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Formats Supported
204 - Load Tendering (Receive)
210 - Freight Bill (Send)
211 - Bill of Lading
212 - LTL Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest
214 - Shipment Status (Send & Receive)
990 - Response to a Load Tender (204)
997 - Functional Acknowledgment (Send & Receive)
4010 & 4030