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FreightDATA Software and Soft Dimensions develop Imaging Interface

FreightDATA has partnered with Soft Dimensions and is pleased to offer rendition billing via “SD Freight”. Scanning gives businesses the ability to easily manage the flow of documents, from filing, viewing, printing, faxing and archiving, using SD Freight as an easy and effective tool to handle scanned images. Designed and installed to meet each company's individual needs, Soft Dimensions removes the need to have a paper-based document management system.

Rendition billing allows supporting documentation (POD's or BOL’s) to accompany the printed invoice. Without rendition billing, warehouse and transportation companies must print freight bills or invoices and match the corresponding POD and or BOL from paper files. Preparing each invoice is an expensive, time consuming, and lengthy process. Rendition billing will help simplify the billing process.

Soft Dimensions and FreightDATA automate the rendition billing process using the printer and/or PDF writer to produce the invoice & backup. The invoice print file, generated by FreightDATA, is sent to the image server for processing. SD Freight selects each invoice and matches a copy of each scanned supporting document required. The invoice and supporting documentation prints in order either to the printer or PDF, ready to be placed in an envelope and mailed or emailed.

Rendition billing enables warehouse and transportation companies to save thousands of dollars in custom form costs by using a template of freight bills and invoices with the billing information on plain paper. It also improves productivity by eliminating the hundreds of hours in manual labor that personnel spend copying, matching, and filing to achieve the same results. Reduce labor costs, eliminate expensive forms costs and cut photocopying costs

Paper-based filing requires valuable storage space, high labor costs for filing and are not easily or consistently accessible for customer calls and inquiries. Scanned imaging is much more effective.

Soft Dimensions will also interface with your FreightDATA Web Tracing module to allow your customers to view associated scanned images such as the POD & BOL.

"No other software company has ever been willing to work with us as closely as FreightDATA. As a matter of fact, they provide assistance on technologies that aren't even theirs. We are very satisfied."

Greg Albert