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FreightDATA Software Introduces Freight Transportation Software with Web Tracking Capabilities offering Reduced Administrative and Support Costs

FreightDATA Software introduces its FreightDATA Transportation Software with web tracking capabilities. The proprietary software is a powerful tool designed specifically for small to medium sized companies for handling all management aspects of running a freight carrier business, from accounts payable and automatic rating, to credit and collections. The new web tracking capabilities are estimated to significantly reduce administrative and support costs associated with locating shipments on-route, a task normally completed through extensive manual research and telephone time.

The FreightDATA Transportation Software provides a comprehensive integrated package which includes full featured electronic dispatch, rating, billing, and accounts receivable for variety of trucking requirements, including less than truckload(LTL), truckload(TL), drayage, ocean and air freight forwarding and air cartage. All freight bills are accessible in the system by a variety of convenient search criteria, with various statistical files, utilizing efficient software designed specifically to handle the unique aspects of a freight transportation business. FreightDATA Transportation Software speeds cash flow and improves customer service by providing a vast amount of information instantly available on the internet.

FreightDATA Software's new web tracking capability allows the user to quickly check the status of a shipment, access activity reports for last month and print images of actual bills of lading and Proofs of Delivery online, pinpoint time and date of delivery, and obtain the name of who signed for the shipment.

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"No other software company has ever been willing to work with us as closely as FreightDATA. As a matter of fact, they provide assistance on technologies that aren't even theirs. We are very satisfied."

Greg Albert